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We are mold experts! Feel free to contact us about mold or your mold problem. Do you have a mold issue that you have questions about?

Our mold experts have been in the filed diagnosing and removing mold from the Tucson and Southern Arizona area for nearly twenty years. You should contact us about mold because when it comes to having a mold infestation in Tucson, your health is of key concern because of the toxicity mold has. Mold infestations cause numerous health problems, including respiratory illness, or even failure in the case of young, elderly, and immuno-suppressed people.

Mold is indeed a living organism, and as such needs to have light, consume food and needs water to survive. Methods people try on their own are deodorizing, in order to get rid of the smell, but this is pointless as it does nothing to the mold. Mold has to be killed and be taken out in order for the risks to your health and your home to be removed.

As your Tucson Mold Removal, Mold Remediation & Mold Damage Restoration experts, we are IICRC certified and use protocols that guarantee complete mold removal. Contact us about mold or your potential mold problem and we will provide you a complete Tucson Mold Inspection to determine if mold removal is necessary.