Mold Can Exist In The Tucson Desert

Tucson Mold Remediation From Moisture Pros

Mold can exist in the Tucson Desert. Don’t believe me? According to the CDC, mold can grow anywhere moisture exists. Think about that for a moment…all mold needs to thrive are┬ámoisture, food, and the right temperature. So, that makes is easy for mold be everywhere. Mold is everywhere on the planet, in all climates. Mold can exist anywhere in Tucson. Most people believe because Tucson is in the desert, the desert climate prevents mold from forming but this is a misconception.

Even in the driest of climates (like a desert), water can collect with help from things like a roofing leak, plumbing leak, or condensation helping mold to grow in places like walls, attics, and crawl spaces. Or even from the moisture pumped into your house from your swamp cooler. Most home owners are surprised to realize they have mold in the desert under relatively dry conditions. Water is suspect and water damage usually goes hand in hand with mold growing because water is the life-blood of mold.

in most cases mold can grow in varying light conditions. Another misconception about mold is that it requires darkness to grow. Some mold will grow in pure sunlight despite the heat. As long as there is a food and water source, with or without light, mold can pop up anywhere in the Tucson desert.

Mold feeds off of all the things we like to build with, but most of all it loves household dust. So, mold will find food just about everywhere.

The warmth and climate that mold needs is just about the same temperature range that we as humans find the most comfortable.

The Point: Every home has mold but not every home has a mold problem. If you think you might have a mold problem, don’t ignore it. Get help.

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